Get to Know me

Hi, I’m Ollie, a photographer, videographer and content creator living in Vancouver. I graduated with a B.A. in Marketing many years ago, before falling in love with photography during a backpacking trip through Asia. This spark ignited my career and, in the years that followed, I have been extremely fortunate to work with world renowned brands such as St Remy and Cointreau, record breaking artists such as Irish musician Sharon Shannon and award winning marketing agencies like Underdog Studio Ltd.

My camera has moulded my life in a unique way, allowing me to capture events and moments in time. Travelling, meeting new people and sharing stories has always inspired me. I am always fascinated by how inextricably linked we are as people. Our similarities always bind us together yet it is our differences that set us apart. No two tales are the same. No two lives are the same. Each story is personal, each experience unique.

Photography, videography and content creation is all about capturing an emotion, sharing a uniqueness, a difference or a commonality. It is about displaying your story and telling it how you want it to be told.

I want to help to share your story.